U.S. Clients

University Hospital Foundation

The University of Utah | Salt Lake City, Utah

Campaign: It All Comes Back To You

"University Hospital Foundation at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center has just completed a successful capital campaign to raise $14,000,000 using your company's product, 'It All Comes Back To You.' And it certainly has!

When your representative contacted our office …[w]e had already spent a year of time and a good deal of money working with a local ad agency with nothing satisfactory to show for it. As we listened to [your] polite and low-key presentation, it seemed too good to be true--a great theme and theme music, customized radio and print material, and the ability to own it outright with the exclusive use in our area.

'It All Comes Back To You' was the basis of our employee, faculty, and community campaigns. It was used in mailings, banners, speeches and programs, capitalizing on the clever double meaning.

For the first time in its ten year history, the Foundation has recognition in the community. [We] have been delighted with the high quality and professional look and sound of your products. It was clear from our first preview that someone had done their homework and understood how to utilize proper fund raising vocabulary and concepts.

We definitely got our money's worth!"