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Midland, Texas

Campaign: God Has a Plan

It has been my privilege to work with Gary as he has put together this ad campaign for churches. I realize that many of you reading this letter may have some concern or even skepticism about a campaign designed for your church. Especially when you consider you have never met these guys. Yet you will find in these ads as you listen and look at what has been produced that you can apply this material to you and your community.

The idea is simple; God has a plan for you and part of that plan is to create a man or woman that fits His pattern for His kingdom. These ads simply outline Gods desire for us and our children and it is up to you to offer the outlet for this change. No ad campaign can replace the life changing power of God and this one never tries but what it can do is point people to a place that can give them opportunity to find the answers they need. Pastors can use all the resources they can get their hands on and this one is professional grade material that you did not have to produce yourself saving thousands. It is material that you can shape to fit your needs and your approach to evangelism. The subject matter is appealing and wholesome in sharp contrast to what is out there today. Your imagination is the only limitation to how to use what is provided. Gary has produced some quality ads but he leaves the implementation to you and your assembly.

I know we all want an ad campaign that will preach for us and bring conviction to the hearer but the truth is that God left that for each of us. I do not expect a radio ad or a print ad to change lives but what I do expect is for that ad to be my calling card. Gary has provided transportation into peoples homes, businesses and cars that give us the opportunity to say “Hello, we care and we can help.” These ads also plant seeds of recognition into our community so that when we meet someone new they say, “Hey I’ve heard of your church.”

I’ve had people come to my church and compliment the service and go on about the power of God they feel and then add at the end, “you know people need to know about this place.’ You know, people might want to know about your church and this might be just what you need.

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Pastor Bill Forest