U.S. Clients

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

Grass Valley, California

Campaign: Whatever You Do, Do It Well

"[A]llow me to share with you some information that made me feel very good about … buying your 'Excellence In Community' healthcare campaign, followed by 'Whatever You Do, Do It Well'.

[F]our years ago, [a study showed that] only 51% of the opinion leaders in our community felt the hospital had a public image that was 'good' or better. The rest felt it was less than 'good.' About three years later a similar study was done which revealed that now 80% of our opinion leaders feel the hospital has a public image of 'good' or better.

[Y]our two advertising campaigns played a crucial role in elevating not only awareness about our hospital, but positive feelings about what we do. Your radio spots absolutely raised the quality bar for advertising on our primary local station… Similarly, the print ads have given us a consistent, professional presence in local publications.

I can't tell you how easy your campaigns have made it for me to deliver multi-media materials of the highest quality, on demand… I'm completely grateful for your help."