U.S. Clients

Kuhler Funeral Home

Huron, South Dakota

Campaign: A Celebration of Love

"We have now purchased three versions of your advertising programs for funeral homes, starting with the 'Love Lasts Forever' theme, and they just get better every time.

[I]t is a rare occurrence when we get a response from the public about our ads. However, we always receive enthusiastic responses from the ads that we use through [MTI Studios]. When we ran the first program, a parent who had lost a child shared how meaningful he felt the ads were, and we received similar responses from the next series.

We are especially excited to use the new series, 'A Celebration of Love.' Very frankly, we planned to listen to this new series with an open mind, but had thought that we would just continue to use the previous two series and not buy the new one. However, when we heard and saw the ads, we were impressed and wanted to have this new series, too. We are especially enthusiastic about the flexibility of the new program.

Thank you for continuing to improve on a great product. We would highly recommend this program to funeral homes."