Our Mission is to produce national quality advertising productions for local and regional advertisers at a price they can afford.

Syndication vs. Custom Advertising Production


Syndication means that we sell each of our products multiple times, with exclusive usage guaranteed in your limited market area. This allows you to purchase a product that would otherwise cost many multiple times what you spend with us. Syndication also offers you the ability to hear and see the finished product before you buy. What you see and hear is exactly what you get.

Here's how it works:

We gather the “best of the best” talent from Madison Avenue to LA to develop a “Branding Statement” for a specific industry that MTI serves. We test market the theme and apply for a trademark. Brand music for the theme is written and produced using our national quality singers, musicians and recording engineers. Our copywriters write the scripts and ad copy. Next we do our audio production using national quality announcers, voice talent, and sound design production specialists. Our Art Director designs the look for the campaign and follows through with coordinated print, direct mail, outdoor and other collateral materials. And when it comes to implementing your package you can either use it "turn key" or you can give it to your marketing director/advertising agency to use as a creative resource or "tool box".

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